The Robin King Redbubble Shop Is Open Again!

Click the image (or link below) to see these collections of my art – as prints, stationery, stickers, home decor, apparel, and device accessories:

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In the next few weeks I’ll be adding t-shirts



Sunshine, in Pieces

Sometimes far from easy but always fun

Working on another collage. I don’t want to stop! That happens in the dreary days of winter (to me anyway). There’s something blissfully tactile about chopping and cutting and tearing things into puzzle bits, then assembling them over and over into a cohesive whole. Merely thinking about the process parts snow-laden clouds; actually beginning it brings sunshine to my heart.

The image above is an acrylic sketch I did a couple of weeks ago, just a riff on limited palettes. I clipped the mouth and letters from an advertising circular.

Here’s a “before” shot, where I was auditioning bits and pieces for inclusion:


Still a long way to go, but that’s OK because we’re supposed to have clouds/rain/snow for the next week. Time to create some sunshine.

Fingertips and Tips

I’ll do just about anything to avoid using a paintbrush. Brushes unnerve me. So many kinds, so difficult to control, impossible to keep clean, and expensive. They’re great, sure, and I use them – when I have to. But if not brushes, then what?

Hands! Fingertips! Paper towels, paper towel tubes, old toothbrushes. Knives! And, for those who want to repurpose piles of pointless plastic: credit cards, old drivers licenses, identity cards, and membership cards!

Here’s my stash of cards:

Big cards, little cards. And they’re all free. They’re also washable. Bendable, with fine edges. Interested in seeing a video of how I use them? Stay tuned. I’ll post one soon.

Also – I need to give credit to the wonderful artist who told me that cards can be useful: her name is Cindy Schnackel – If you aren’t already familiar with her work, go take a look. It’s brilliant!


The Lost Collage

I started work on this collage late last year and then lost it. Somewhere – under something – in a drawer, on a shelf, behind a stack of supplies. It’s here. But it won’t show itself. I worry for its safety because the various components weren’t securely attached. Bits of it are likely ground into the floor by now or chomped on by one of the cats. 

How sad. How careless of me, not to put it away safely. I really liked it and had good feelings about where it was headed. I wonder why I treated it so badly? I never lose things! Maybe it was the self-portrait sketch in the center. Maybe my inner critic decided it was a decent likeness of a bad face and decided to trash the thing. 

Or maybe it’s playing an existential game of hide-and-seek. It thinks that I’m “it.” But it’s wrong. I’m not hiding. It is.


A Layer of Hope, From Free Apps


Several months ago I injured my leg and, as a result, mobility’s been challenging. As much as I wanted to paint-paint (acrylic, watercolors) I couldn’t manage it in sensible ways so I returned to digital art (includng digital compilations/mashups). The face above is one result. It’s a “sort of” self-portrait. I don’t have red hair, but I love making marks that are bright red. I also don’t look that young anymore. But the expression? That was mine. Tired, a bit. Wistful, for sure, with hint of hope.

I’d downloaded a few free drawing apps and was excited to be able to paint and sketch again. I hoped that I could do, on a basic tablet, what I was once able to do on a 27” desktop with a Wacom Bamboo pen/tablet. 

Free apps are limited. My basic tablet is limited. Here’s the first version of the image above:

It’s not horrible. But I didn’t like the clunkiness of the “brushstrokes” and the abrupt color boundaries. So I opened an app that allowed me to add a layer – in this case a photo of an old abstract acrylic painting I did – and select blending options. Here’s the photo:


It’s all about texture. I hoped that the textures would help to smooth the colors of the digital painting and bring additional paint-like texture to it. The result?

Full-size version

There it is. It still reads “digital” but with enough to explore – like real paint – to make it interesting. 

These are the free apps I used on a “5th generation” iPad:

Adobe Photoshop Sketch –

Adobe Illustrator Draw-

Concepts –

Autodesk Sketchbook –

BrushesRedux –